Monday, February 11, 2013

Thoughts, Feelings, And Your Internal Guidance System

We are creative beings.

Remember using your imagination as a child? Do you remember how real that Barbie Dreamhouse was or how much you believed that G.I. Joe could save the day? We used our imagination quite naturally as a child. It was fun and exciting to spend the afternoon being a superhero or a princess. It was a serious job when we worked with our tool box or cooked and cleaned in our doll house. Whatever we put our minds to came to life! And most importantly, it was always fun! As we get older we begin to loose faith in our imagination. As an adult, our imagination is a dim light compared to the burden of everyday life. It's not that we loose our imagination as adults, we just have to remember the steps on how to use it.

Our adult imagination is our creative ability. We have the ability to create from a place of joy as adults. That is actually Step One: Find Your Joy. Whatever you are passionate about or excited to become is the calling of your highest joy. What usually happens after this calling is a flow of logical thoughts and beliefs of why this exciting idea wont work. And guess what? It doesn't!

This is because your thoughts and feelings make up the internal guidance system of your life. Whatever you believe will come true! How great is that?! The downside to this rule is that we can use our beliefs to keep us small and unworthy. The upside to this rule is that we can have the life we dream about. Imagine that!

This brings us to Step Two: Monitor Your Thoughts and Feelings. We were given thoughts and feelings to help us know when we are creating from a place of joy. If we are feeling happy, excited, and loving towards ourself and others we are in alignment with our joy. If we are feeling sad, depressed, angry, or slighted, we are out of alignment with our joy. Our joy, our love, our passion is always there and it is always our choice whether we are in alignment with it or not. If your life feels like you can "never win," or "it always happens to you," check in with your thoughts and see if you are allowing yourself to give into fears about not being good enough, self loathing, or feelings of lack. Once you identify with those thoughts and feelings you can release them with love knowing that you have the power to change your experience.

Step Three: Trust. Now that you know you are capable of creating from your joy trust that you will be led to it!

        "Consider this question: If I am in Phenoix, Arizona, and it is my desire to be in San Diego, California, how would I go about getting to San Diego? The answer to this question is easy to hear: No matter what your mode of transportation-by air, by car, or even on foot- if you will face in the direction of San Diego, and continue to move in the direction of San Diego, then you must reach San Diego...Because of your knowledge of direction, and with the help of road signs and other travelers, it is not logical that you would remain forever lost in the Arizona desert unable to find your way to San Diego. The 400-mile trip between the two cities is easily understood, and the idea of making the trip is completely believable, and if it were your desire to make the trip, you would find a way to do so."
                                                                                 -Abraham, Ask and It Is Given

You may not always be able to see how you will arrive at a life filled with your highest joys, but you can trust that by using your thoughts and feelings as your guidance system you will be heading in a forward direction. Believe in yourselves. There is always enough.


  1. the biggest problem that one encounters in their transformation from "material to spiritual," is coming to the realization that THEY ARE NOT THEIR THOUGHTS, OR THEIR MIND. the mind and thoughts are simply tools we use while in this experience we call life. it is easier to "witness" those thoughts when you realize they are like an external radio that keeps playing. you CAN ignore the radio and create your own music, or conversation.

  2. Yes! Create your own music! This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.