Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Using the Power of Your Lower Chakras

The only way for a tree to grow is by the root. In fact, the roots of a tree are 3 to 4 times the diameter of a tree crown!! The power of growth comes from the bottom up. Our two lower chakras are the Sacral and the Root. The Sacral Chakra, resonating by the pelvic bone, is connected to the utilization of creativity, and the Root Chakra, resonating below the Sacral, can be used to ground spiritual forces into the body.

When expressing our thoughts, feelings, and ideas our tone has a great impact on our communication. When you sing, being able to express through many tones is crucial for one's own personal relationship with a song.  Lately, I am finding a direct link between free expression and the power of lower tones! Similar to the way our chakras are aligned at different areas of our bodies, we resonate our sound in different areas of our bodies as well, and each area has it's feeling of resonation for both the singer and the listener. Imagine two singers in a room, a bass and a soprano. The bass will bring out feelings of strength, stability, and structure, while the soprano with access feelings of being light, flighty, and soft. I believe that we ALL are expressions of perfection. We are ALL capable of accessing every tone, every emotion, and every area of resonation. It is within us to access this possibility. It is a result of our conditioning that we feel a repression of expression. Finding your inner strength, a strength that has always existed and has always been a part of our instrumental bodies, allows us to break through the confines of our conditioning and fully express our thoughts and emotions in our perfection.

Just like a tree, we can "grow" in tone and expression by the roots of our lower resonation. By accessing the reflexive strength of our lower register we can generate energy to allow us to open up to a broader, clearer, more resonant sound, a.k.a our true voice! I used the term reflexive strength because the strength that is being referred to here does not require control or force. This is an inner strength that we all possess to allow us to raise our energy upward. In the case of expression, we are rising our energy through tone. Try this exercise: Close your eyes and produce a low sound on "ah." Bring your awareness to your throat.  Imagine a belt tightened to its last loop on your throat. Now undo the belt. Reach down to the navel of your Being, or even lower! Produce another low "ah." Can you feel a difference? Once you access and learn how to use your inner strength, which is manifested as the energy chakras of the lower half of your body, you can raise your energy straight up to the Heavens, where you will find nothing less then your Self. Go ahead and find the roots of your Self.

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