Friday, August 17, 2012

Listening to our Inner Voice

Our voice is deep within us. It resonates whenever we know Truth. Whenever we have a moment where we say, “I just know that I have to do this,” or “ I know that feels right!” Our intellect, or our ego can overshadow this knowing. The part of us that likes to hold onto what is safe, what is familiar; the part that likes to jump in and save the self from doing something “crazy.” What’s CRAZY is that we allow this limitation to happen! When we live in Truth we live in God. We see everything as God, we become servants, and we laugh at our deepest fears. It is possible to train the mind to quiet. To allow trust to conquer your fears of letting go of what feels safe. After all, it’s just a belief that you made up anyway. And, if you made the belief up, you can change it at any time.

The Pathwork Guide Lectures say:

“If this test is passed and the resistance is overcome, the answer can be given from the self to the self—or from the guardian spirit or what you call a “master.” The answer will come with a very small soft voice that will come not by pushing or pressing. It does not shout; it is a quiet, almost impersonal voice with out any force behind it, contrary to what so often comes from the subconscious”
“The higher self certainly manifests itself. But it cannot always come though clearly, for it is covered by many layers of imperfection, layers of dense matter, all the distortions that necessitate life on earth. If these layers were not present, life on earth would be superfluous. If the higher self could manifest itself as easily as all that, you would not have to live again and again; you would be advanced far enough not to have to go though further incarnations. Yet, wherever there are faults and imperfections the higher self is barred.”

The good news is that the voice in our mind was given to us to experience being human and to learn how to expand further then our limitations. That being said, now is a great time to start to tune into the Inner Voice. A hint is that it doesn’t have to manifest as a voice at all. It can be a resounding feeling in your heart, or a rush of adrenaline, or the moment when you find yourself in pure joy. Whatever way it comes for you, become aware of it, start to listen to what it has to say, see what happens when you take a leap of faith and listen to it. Let me know what happens. 

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