Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our voice is a way to connect to our True Selves!

Tones and toning have been used throughout history to call forth the powerful energy of the Universe. Religions use hymns to joyously connect to their deities. Songs are a way to break through global barriers. Music is said to be the language of the soul.
Since the dawning of the new millennium, there has been an increased global awareness of how the human body and mind work as one. Such practices as therapy, yoga, meditation, cleansing, and healings have taken this nation by force.
How does vocal healing fit into this New Age movement? From birth we have the ability to create sound and call to ourselves what we need and desire in order to thrive. No one can easily ignore the earth-shaking vocal abilities that nature provided infants with. Unfortunately, as we grow, we are given the message that our sounds are not acceptable. “Don’t cry!” “Stop that noise!” “Your too loud!” We begin believing that we must constrict our voice in order to get what we need, even though we still feel the misalignment that constriction causes.
The good news is that it is possible to reconnect to your full voice - the voice you were born with! Vocal Therapy can allow you to first see how you have limited your vocalizing abilities, and then provide the techniques to once again joyfully hear how you truly resonate in your own body. Vocal Therapy allows you to become more in touch with your True Voice, your True Self.
Whether singing is your passion, or you just like to belt out a tune on a happy day, your true voice is calling. It has always been there, and will continue to burn it’s dim light of truth. Your time is now to re-connect with who you truly are, and to declare what you desire to manifest through your voice. After all, that is what it is meant for.
Love Light Music,
Christina Giordano

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