Friday, August 31, 2012

Getting A Gold Star

This past weekend my husband and I performed a cover of Lovesong for our family and friends at our wedding celebration. It was the eve before the big day and we were both a bit nervous about exposing our musical selves to this large, very prestigious audience. I was experiencing psycho-somatic symptoms in my throat, and Todd was experiencing mental tension around "messing up", or needing to start over. So here we were, sitting in a pile of fear of the Unknown. We started meditating and tuning into our Truth, and an abundance of information flooded through us! The information translated as a reminder of the desire to get a gold star. We had not yet realized that it was more important for us to "do it right," than be in Truth. We were paying too much attention to this futuristic end result that we weren't present in the moment to experience what the Now had to offer. It is so easy to listen to the Mind telling you to control or else you'll have nothing to "hold onto." We have a desire to impress. That desire shadows our Selves in a way. We don't give our Essence a chance to truly express itself because the mind is too busy looking to get the gold star, and we are too busy listening to the mind.

Especially when you are expressing your highest excitement, your passion, it is worth it to let go of expectations and let your True Self take you for the ride. You actually don't need to "do" anything except show up and let go! Trust that you already have a million gold stars in Your perfection. Let your True Self speak through the music of your life.

Here's a final rehearsal of Lovesong

The performance was flawless. But, the best part was that we were present to express and experience it.


  1. Sounds like you discovered that you WERE the gold stars!